Last Updated June 2, 2012


The U6 league is made up of 3, 4, and 5 year olds. This league has scheduled games on Saturdays that include 45 minutes of instruction and 45 minutes of mini games. Every team is a winner and medals are given to all players at the end of the season. The children are instructed to dribble the ball (with their feet only!!), kick the ball to each other and learn to love the game of soccer with fun drills in a low-pressure atmosphere. All players receive medals at the end of the season.

Once the children reach 6 and 7 years old they are registered in the U8 league. This league has a practice during the week to learn the drills in a fun and low-pressure atmosphere. Saturday games are played with the coaches in the field guiding the kids along in the game, instructing them to move the ball as a team and learn rules of the game on a more serious level of play. The league is still based on fun and every game is a tie. All players receive medals at the end of the season.

When they reach U10, the 8 and 9 year olds are now on the field with their teammates and the coaches are on the sidelines. There is now a center ref in the game who makes the calls of out of bounds, and all penalties except for offsides. The players know they are not allowed to use hands, side tackles, pushing, taking ball when goalie has control of it, etc. This is the last of the less competitive age. Goals are calculated for each team for a final score. U10 Teams also participate in the U10 Festival organized by NHSA

U12, U14, U18
The U12, U14, U18 leagues are more competitive while still recreational. All players are accountable for their actions on the field. There are three referees in the games; Center and two linesmen. The season consists of regulation games and end of season playoffs. Trophies are awarded to first and second place teams.