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Common Oral Surgery Procedures 

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Many conditions require the need of oral surgery. However, some of the most common ones are due to some of these common problems as well. 


  1. Wisdom teeth getting impacted 

When the last molars that complete your teeth set grow, it erupts from the gums and may bring some discomfort. However, even if it does not bring any pain to some, some people feel more pain than discomfort compared to others. When the teeth do not erupt in full, they can get impacted and may even bring problems to the neighboring teeth or even the jawbone.   

  1. Dental implants 

When you have a missing tooth, an implant is a tooth put into the jawbone to replace it. This implant will then fuse with the gums and the bone as it stays inside the mouth after a long period. This is a good way to keep the full set of teeth you always have when you were younger or had no teeth problem but with an assurance of a strong foundation.   

  1. Biopsy 


A lesion inside the mouths holds not be taken lightly, so if ever you have one, make sure you visit a professional on oral surgery to have it inspected. One way to check if the lesion is harmful and beyond your ordinary mouth sore is a biopsy. Through it, you can easily determine if the concern is related to cancer or not. The process is done by cutting a very small sample from the lesion area and analyzing it in the lab.  


  1. Surgery on the jaw  


Improperly aligned jaws bring a lot of discomfort and difficulty in eating. Even if some of the people who correct their jaws are seen as people who only want to look better, initially is a painful experience when the jaws are not aligned. Surgery is opted to gain the best function of the jaws  


  1. Sleep Apnea 


Another case that requires oral surgery is with people who are suffering from problems with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a problem that is often perceived as normal and just a case of too much work within the day. However, it is a severe problem that needs to be addressed. The removal of tissue in a person suffering from sleep apnea is done in the throat area. This helps in reducing the symptoms that are experienced by the person suffering from it.   


  1. Reconstructive surgery 


When you are faced with a facial injury, the need for reconstructive surgery may arise. This is often related to teeth knocked out and other facial injuries that may even be severe. This procedure is very important to give the one suffering from it a better quality of life. Moreover, the patient is better given comfort after the surgery takes place.   


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